2019 Passed & Present, Howl! Happening, An Arturo Vega Project, N.Y.C.

2019 International Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic.

2019 Fantastical Films, Callicoon Theatre, Callicoon, NY.

2019 16 Femme, Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam, Holland.

2019 TESSA HUGHES-FREELAND: Selected Video and Film Works 1981-2013, Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn, N.Y.

2019 Scrapbook ( or Why Can’t We Live Together), Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

2019 4:3 Boileroom TV, U.K.

2019 Zeitgeist: The Art Scene of Teenage Basquiat, River House Arts, Toledo, O.H.

2018 East Village NY : Vulnerable and Extreme, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Seoul, South Korea.

2018 Trigger Warnings: Films of Tessa Hughes-Freeland, The Horse Hospital, London, U.K.

2018 Fantastical Films, Callicoon Theatre, Callicoon, N.Y.

2018 Shoot The Pump, Bullet Space, N.Y.C.

2018 Zeitgest:The Art Scene of Teenage Jean-Michel Basquiat, Maier Museum, Lynchburg, V.A.

2018 Outer Bodies, Inner Selves, Filmmakers Co-operative, N.Y.C.

2018 Elegy, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

2018 Saltless Sea Cinema Avant Garde Program, Duluth Superior Film Festival. M.N.

2018 Transgressive Shorts: No-Wave, Transgression Film Series, Club 57. Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.C.

2018 Zeitgeist: The Art Scene of Teenage Basquiat, Howl!, N.Y.C.

2018  All About Frank,  Schoolhouse Projects, Spring Break, N.Y.C.

2018  Six Portraits: Tell Me: Women Filmmakers, Women's Stories, The Metrograph, N.Y.C.

2018  Doomtown, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, O.R.

2017  Callicoon Artwalk Short Shorts Film Festival, Callicoon, N.Y.

2017 Haphazard Dreams & Eccentric Lives - Works by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Ludlow House, NYC.

2017 Interference, Bullet Space, NYC.

2017 MIRROR MIRROR  Daylight Cinema, Summer Shul, Old Shul for Social Sculpture, Glen Wild, N.Y.

2016 Outdoor  Multiple Projections, Callicoon Art Walk, N.Y.

2016 Live Event with Terence Koh, Andrew Edlin Gallery, N.Y.C.

2016 Incarnata Social Club,  N.Y.C.

2016 Indie Fest, Beaverkill Studios, Parksville, N.Y.

2015 Indie Short Film Night, The Laundry king, Livingston Manor, N.Y.

2015 Revisions:American Experimental Film 1975-1990: Tessa Hughes-Freeland -Filmmaker in person, Anthology Film Archives, NYC.

2015 A Mirror Avant-Garde. Non-canonical Canonicals by Women from the Filmmakers Co-operative, FMC, NYC.

2014 Downtown New York,  Rio de Janiero, San Paulo, & 4 other towns,  Brazil.

2014 Ghosts of the Catskills, C.A.S. Livingston Manor. N.Y.

2014 Films of Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Millenium Film Workshop, NYC

2014 Moving Image Fair, PPOW Gallery, NYC.

2013 Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NYC.

2013 My Icon, Neurotitan Gallerie, Berlin, D.D.R.

2012 Jonas Mekas, Serpentine Gallery, London, U.K.

2012 You Killed Me First: The Cinema of Transgression,  KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. DDR.

2011 Song, Lit, NYC.

2011 Das Geheime Tagebuch, Neurotitan Gallerie, Berlin, D.D.R.

2010 Counter Culture, Counter Cinema, MOCA Pacific Design Centre, L.A.

2010 Confusion Is Next, Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Austria.

2010 Shred, Perry Rubenstien Gallery, N.Y.C.

2008 Art(core) : The Avant Garde & The Cinematic Body, The Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada.

2008 Art(core),  Office for Contemporary Art, Norway.

2008 The Stone, N.Y.C.

2008 Red Saw Gallery, Newark. N.J.

2008 Love/War/Sex. Exit Art, N.Y.C.

2007 The Stone, N.Y.C.

2007 Lucca Film Fesival, Italy

2007 Strange Magic∫, Extrapool, Nijmegen, Holland. Cavia Cinema, Amsterdam, Holland, Nova Cinema, Brussels, Belgium. Die Linse, Munster, Germany. Lichtspiel, Bern,Switzerland.

2007 Women’s Work, Issue Project Room, NYC

2007 Strange Magic, Station 16, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007 I Like to Watch, Canal Chapter NYC.

2007 Womanizer Deitch Projects, NYC.

2006 Gallerie Tristesse, Berlin, DDR.

2005 Curzon Cinema, London,U.K.

2005 East Village U.S.A., New Museum of Contemporary Art, N.Y.C.

2003 The Horse Hospital, London U.K.

2002 Roulette T.V. Public Access, N.Y.C.

2001 The Future is the Present, Franklin Furnace, N.Y.C.

2000 History of the Avant Garde: Cinema Of Transgression, British Film Institute Video Release.

2000 Mixology, Roulette, N.Y.C.

1999 Ghosts, Clocktower Gallery. N.Y.C.

1999 Artist Made Video & Film Festival, Westbeth, N.Y.C.

1999 Arousing Transgressions: Dangerous Voodoo Women, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1998 Expanded Cinema, Knitting Factory, N.Y.C.

1998 Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Film, Museum Of Modern Art, N.Y.C.

1998 Sex by Sex Worker Festival, Portland, OR.

1998 Tessa Hughes-Freeland: Films In The Garden Of Light, N.Y.C

1998 Splice This, Festival of S8 Film, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1998 The 3rd Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, Theatre For The New City, N.Y.C.

1998 Erotiske Film/ Avantgarde & Underground, Filmhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1998 Underground shorts, PAARD, Rotterdam, Holland.

1998 Underground Visions: An Exploration of Gender and Sexuality, San Francisco State University Cinematheque, S.F., CA.

1998 Movies Made To Burn by Girl Wonders, ATA, San Francisco, CA.

1998 Girl’s Ninety Night Out, San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco, CA.

1998 Imaging the Female Erotic, New School, N.Y.C.

1998 American Underground Film 1987-1997, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, U.K.

1997 Benefit for The Cooler, N.Y.C.

1997Cinema of Transgression, San Francisco, CA. Portland, Seattle, WA.

1997 'Magick’, Halloween Society, Volcano Film Festival, London, U.K.

1997 Tessa Hughes-Freeland: Short Films, Georgia Bar, Athens, GA.

1997 Plurality of Styles, Knitting Factory Video Lounge, N.Y.C

1997 XXX Tripping: Films that explore the Underground Culture, Renegade TV, BBC Ch 4, U.K.

1997 Midsummer Night Films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, in conjunction with The Garden Of Light, N.Y.C.

1997 Films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Basement Films, Albuquerque, N.M.

1997 Unmade In The USA. La Panaderia, Mexico City, Mexico

1997 Raw Wave: Films From The New American Underground,  Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Fukaoka, Japan..

1997 Films of Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Bijou Theatre, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

1997 She Wolves of the Silver Screen, Hollywood SubCinema Conspiracy, Industry Cybercafe, LA, CA.

1997 Knitting Factory Video Lounge. N.Y.C.

1997 Tzadik Festival, European Tour: Thessaloniki, Greece, Vienna & Wels, Austria. Karlsruhe, Koln, Hamburg, Dortmund, and Berlin, Germany. Paris, France. Brussels, Ghent, Belgium.

1996 No Wave Cinema, 1978-87, Whitney Museum of American Art. N.Y.C.

1996 Approaches to the Body, Brighton Media Centre, Brighton, U.K.

1996 Dirty & Dangerous: U.S.Underground all Night Long, London Film Festival, London, U.K.

1996 Mondo New York: Independent Filmmakers, Motion Planet TV, Japan.

1996 Timebomb- Hot & Haunted Halloween, Clocktower Gallery, N.Y.C.

1996 Mix, New York Gay & Lesbian Experimental Film Festival, N.Y.C.

1996 New Visions International Film, Video, Media Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.

1996 Women Filmmakers Festival, Everyman Cinema, London, U.K.

1996 Pink Pony, N.Y.C.

1996 Comimg To Power: 25 Years of Sexually Explicit Films by Women, 1996 Tour of Switzerland, Germany, France & The Netherlands.

1996 Voyeur's Delight, Franklin Furnace, NYC.

1996New York Independents, Red Eye Cinema, Minneapolis, MN.

1996 Playstation, w/ Judy Elkan, Luna Lounge, N.Y.C.

1996 XXX Rated Films By Women, Films at Charas, N.Y.C.

1996 Fenakisticopio Itinerante, Madrid, Spain.

1996 Elegy, Roulette, N.Y.C.

1996 Bless Them All, w/Johnny Lanz, Knitting Factory. N.Y.C.

1996 Sexual Digressions, Millenium Film Workshop, N.Y.C.

1996 Momenta Art, Brooklyn, N.Y.

1996 Carnival of Hallucinations, Greatest Hits of the American Underground, Federation Hiero de Colmar, Colmar. France.

1996 L'Alternativa'96, 3rd Alternative Film Festival of Barcelona, Barcelona. Spain.

1996 Short Films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Knitting Factory, N.Y.C.

1996 Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Stuttgart. Germany.

1995 Short Films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Anthology Film Archives. N.Y.C.

1995 Elegy, Roulette.N.Y.C.

1995 Deathtripping'95 Cinema of Transgression, Anthology Film Archives. N.Y.C.

1995 Deathtripping'95. Promotional Tour, Bristol, Newcastle & Manchester, U.K.

1995 Bad Faith, Kenny Schacter Gallery, N.Y.C.

1995 Carnival of Hallucinations:Greatest Hits of the American Underground. 8th Helsinki Film Festival, Helsinki. Finland.

1995 Warstories, with Johnnny Lanz. Anseo. N.Y.C.

1995 The Cooler, with Tim Bradlee. N.Y.C.

1995 Won't You Come Out And Play My Sex Bitch Goddess,

1995 San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco. C.A.

1995 Hunter College Film Festival, Hunter College, N.Y.C.

1995 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, Nancy. France.

1995 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, Lund Studenters Filmstudio, Lund. Sweden.

1995 In Our Blood, Blackout Bookstore. N.Y.C.

1995 New York Underground Film Festival, N.Y.C.

1995 Women In The Director's Chair Festival, Chicago, Ill.

1995 New York Scum, San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco. C.A.

1995 Happy Gland Revue, Hangar 18, San Francisco. C.A.

1995 Happy Gland Revue, La Panaderia, Mexico City. Mexico.

1994 Slaughterhall 3, Arhus. Denmark.

1994 Rebis Gallery, Denver. C.O.

1994 Orgone Cinema, Silver Eyes Gallery, Pittsburg. P.A.

1994 Squeezebox, Don Hill's, N.Y.C.

1994 Max Fish, N.Y.C.

1994 2A, N.Y.C.

1994 Glare: Livid's International & Experimental Film & Video Festival, South Brisbane. Australia.

1994 New Orleans Film & Video Festival, New Orleans. M.O.

1994 Films At Limbo, Limbo. N.Y.C.

1994 Lust, Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego. C.A.

1994 European Media Fest, Osnabruck. Germany.

1994 Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago. Ill.

1994 Grey Gardens, N.Y.C.

1994 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, Kinoptikum, Landshut. Germany.

1994 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, Ungdomshutet, Copenhagen. Denmark.

1994 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, New & Unseen Films From The American Underground: Desmet Cinema, Amsterdam. Holland.  Vera Cinema, Groningen. Holland.  Effenaar Cinema, Einhoven. Holland.  Het Paard Cinema, Den Haag. Holland. 

1994 The Films Of Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Clara St, San Francisco. C.A.

1994 Aesthetics Of Sexual Transgression, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco. C.A.

International Short Film Festival, Tempere. Finland.

1994 Nightmares Of Ecstacy, Werkstattkino, Munich. Germany.

1993 Exground Festival, Wiesbaden. Germany.

1993 Interfilm Festival, Kino Eiszeit & FSH, Berlin. Germany.

1993 Roulette, w/ John Zorn, N.Y.C.

1993 The Knitting Factory, w/ John Zorn, N.Y.C.

1993 From The Cinema Of Transgression, Barbershop Gallery, Taos. N.M.

1993 Bi-Coastal Underground & Sexperimentals, U.S. Tour: Boston, D.C., Detroit,  Pike St. Cinema, Seattle.  Studio4 & Roxie Cinema, San Francisco.

1993 War Stories,Avant Garde-a-Rama, w/ Johnny Lanz, P.S.122. N.Y.C.

1993 An Evening Of Mummery, CBGB's Gallery. N.Y.C.



New & Old Masters Of S8, Anthology Film Archives. N.Y.C.

New Music Seminar, w/ Naked Sun, Limelight. N.Y.C.

Threadwaxing Space. N.Y.C.

Nepotism 2, Max Fish. N.Y.C.

Double Projections, Anthology Film Archives. N.Y.C.



5th N.Y. Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival, N.Y.C.

Cat's Gotta Eat, Baby Doll Lounge. N.Y.C.

Films From The Lost Continent Of Atlantis, Anthology Film Archives. NYC.

Psi-Fi-delic, Webo. N.Y.C.

Projections, The Building. N.Y.C.

Videotech, The Knitting Factory. N.Y.C.

La Misma Onda, P.S.122. N.Y.C.

The Making Of ........ The Making Of, w/ Mike Osterhout, The Kitchen. N.Y.C.

The New York Film Festival Downtown Presents Tessa Hughes-Freeland & Ela Troyano, Webo. N.Y.C.



The Tragedy Of Structuralism: A Bomb From Below, A Hallways Production, The Music Gallery, Toronto. Canada.

Nepotism, Hallwalls, Buffalo. N.Y.



The Carnival of Sleaze, The Kitchen. N.Y.C.

Benefit for H.E.A.L., ABC No Rio. N.Y.C.

New York Film Festival Downtown at Quartier Latin, Berlin. Germany.

New York Film Festival Downtown, Harbar Hall. N.Y.C.



Doomsday,  The Tunnel. N.Y.C.

Asylum. N.Y.C.

The Cat Club. N.Y.C.

S8 Travelling Festival, Canadian Tour: Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto,  Montreal.

Film Bust 2, WOW Cafe. N.Y.C.

Artists as Video/Filmmakers, El Bohio. N.Y.C.

New York Film Festival Downtown, 428 Lafayette St. N.Y.C.



Florida State University, Tallahasee. F.L.

4D. N.Y.C.

Alchemichal Theatre. N.Y.C.

Gates Of Dawn. N.Y.C.

Rhonda Zwillinger, Murnich Gallery, Milan. Italy.

Xenix Cinema, Zurich. Switzerland.

Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne. Australia.

Stilletto Fringe Film & Video Festival, Melbourne. Australia.

Tellus #13, Limelight. N.Y.C.

8BC Nights, The Kitchen. N.Y.C.

Aspen County Art Museum, Boulder. C.O.

New York Film Festival Downtown: Kino Eiszeit, Berlin. Germany.   Kommunales Kino, Hannover. Germany.  Filmhaus, Bielefeld. Germany.  Film Institute dem Stadt, Black Box, Dusseldorf. Germany.  Filmhaus, Koln. Germany.  Werkstattkino, Munich. Germany.  Mal Sehen, Frankfurt, Germany. 

New York Film Festival Downtown, El Bohio. N.Y.C.



East Side Stories, Collective For Living Cinema. N.Y.C.

Feminists & Mysoginists Together At Last, C.O.C.A. Seattle. W.A.

A Strange Mix, Private Eyes. N.Y.C.

Rhonda Zwillinger: Post Minimalist Glitz, Gracie Mansion Gallery. N.Y.C.

Underground Film Bulletin Benefit, Danceteria. N.Y.C.

New York Film Festival Downtown, 8BC. N.Y.C.



Ridgefield College, Ridgefield. C.T.

Play Boy, Film Installation, Oggi Domani Gallery, N.Y.C

Art For Someone Else's Home, Fashion Moda at Danceteria. N.Y.C.

Moeities, Concord Gallery. N.Y.C.

New York Film Festival Downtown, Limbo Lounge. N.Y.C.

East Village Films, University Of California, Santa Barbara. C.A.

Chandelier. N.Y.C.



Street Movies, an outside film event. 4th St & Ave D. N.Y.C.

Celluloid Cantina, Limbo Lounge. N.Y.C.

Reel Club, Danceteria. N.Y.C.

Reel Club, Club 57. N.Y.C.

X 35, Plexus 6. N.Y.C.